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James Zychowicz

A-R Editions
Division Head
Middleton, WI
A-R Editions provides focused expertise to create high-quality products
that support the scholarship, performance, and enjoyment of music.

A-R Editions’ rich history stretches back to Yale University, 1962, when two former college roommates—Gary Aamodt and Clyde Rykken (the A and the R of A-R Editions)—had the vision to create a publishing outlet for the research of musicologists who had come to the U.S. after World War II. Thus began the Recent Researches in Music concept—to publish modern, well-edited editions of outstanding music from the past. We have since grown to become internationally recognized for our expertise in music publishing. Our music publications can be found in almost every university music library and in major collections around the world.

Among our recent efforts, the A-R Music Anthology is an extensive collection of music and articles designed for music history and theory courses. A-R's Online Music Anthology contains many more pieces of music than print anthologies, along with peer-reviewed articles and commentaries, all available online by subscription. (A-R offers complimentary access to instructors, pending approval of their requests.) Instructors can use the contents of the Online Music Anthology in a variety of courses and customize the content in as many course packs as they need. With the multi-author online textbook and pre-set course packs, the A-R Online Music Anthology is a powerful tool for the twenty-first century.

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